No matter how much resilience and safeguards you build within your IT infrastructure, incidents do happen, be it due to events outside of your control or caused by deliberate malicious acts.With IT playing a prominent role in any business, small or large, the questions every business needs to address are “How quickly can they access their valuable data and how long can they afford to be without their systems”.

Be it a simple case of recovering a deleted file or recovering your entire system in the event of a disaster, an effective Backup and Business Continuity plan will help your organisation minimise downtime and reduce financial losses.

Entegraty’s approach to Backup and Business Continuity is simple;

Tell us how fast you need to recover any lost data and how quickly you’ll need your systems to be up and running in the event of a disaster and we’ll design the system that caters for this requirement

Solutions We Offer

  • On Premise Solutions
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery

What We Can Do For You

  • Consultancy and Scoping
  • Supply
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Troubleshooting
  • On Going Support and Maintenance

On Premise Solutions

Whilst more and more companies are opting for cloud based backup solutions, there are still circumstances and reasons why On premise solutions could be a more preferred option; Reliance on availability or speed of internet…Read more

Cloud Solutions

Cloud backups are located on remote servers sited in secure datacenters that can be a matter of miles or a whole continent away from your business premises. With cloud backups, data is backed up over the Internet. …. Read more

Disaster Recovery

Most businesses are highly reliant on their IT systems for their existence. Costs of downtime could potentially be detrimental, not just to short term profits, but to long term existence. Entegraty offers a range of DR services, some as part of their managed service offering… Read more


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