Broadband (DSL) is a basic entry level internet connection where speed of connection depends on how far your premises are from the telephone exchange and whether the exchange has been upgraded to offer new, faster services. Maximum download speeds (the rate at which you receive data) vary from 2Mbps (megabits per second) to 24Mbps. Maximum upload speeds generally range up to 1Mbps. Broadband is also available by cable in certain areas, and through wireless solutions in many areas not covered by ADSL, FttC or cable.

At the lowest end, Business Broadband offers the least cost internet connectivity and it is backed by industry standard SLAs. Business Grade Broadband is ideal for small to medium businesses that need greater resilience but aren’t ready for EFM or Ethernet.

SuperFast Broadband

SuperFast Broadband is positioned between DSL and EFM. It is ideal for businesses that are looking for greater bandwidth than Broadband without the cost and commitment of EFM or full-fibre Ethernet.

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