The increasing complexity of the ways in which we use our mobile devices means that it is now even more important to understand mobile security and to know what you can do if your phone is lost or stolen.

With more and more capability and functionality being built into the successive models of mobile telephones and mobile devices, our mobile devices are no longer solely used for the purpose of voice communication. Whether solely for personal use or a mixture of personal and business use, mobile devices have become a mobile storage facility which hold not only important personal information such as bank details, user names and passwords, but it may also hold important business related information such as sensitive emails and documents.

So, how do you control and manage the use of these mobile devices and what happens if a mobile device is lost or if it’s stolen?

In addition to taking some basic steps to secure mobile devices, there are a host of security application available which enable businesses not only to protect the sensitive information but also to manage and control software installs and updates.

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